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Kahwa Coffee: high quality coffee drinks

Proudly roasted and packaged in Tampa Bay, Kahwa focuses on blends rather than single-origin coffees in order to bring complex flavors to each cup. The world’s finest 100% Arabica beans are hand-selected and blended before roasting, even though it’s easier and more common to blend after the fact, because not all beans roast well together.

Creating an exquisite blend requires a high level of expertise in both selecting and roasting, but the end result is worth the effort. This traditional Italian technique brings out flavors that wouldn’t appear otherwise.

If the roast is not delivered fresh, those unique flavors can’t shine. A high-quality roast from Italy can take up to six months from roast to cup, but Kahwa has designed an on-demand packaging process that delivers Kahwa Coffee within a week of roasting.

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